Scopri tutto su Soundreef e sui servizi a tua disposizione

What type of music does Soundreef broadcast, and what kind of music can I register with you?

Soundreef Live accepts every type of music – from half-hour prog outs to one minute hardcore punk tracks via pop rock, lounge and dance – but Soundreef In-Store has to be a bit more restrictive. It’s not that we don’t like death metal, it’s just that shoppers tend to prefer something more relaxed while they’re choosing their breakfast cereal and comparing detergents.

We feature over 170,000 songs, covering a wide range of genres such as rock, pop, lounge, house, jazz and classical. All the songs in our music library are professionally recorded. Our Music Supervisors listen to every track that is submitted to us to make sure that it meets our quality standards, and that it is suitable for background use. We use both vocal and instrumental tracks, and we prefer to work with pop-rock, lounge and chill out, R&B and soul, electronic and ambient, dance and house, classical and jazz.

For more on what kind of music gets accepted as background music, and some sample tracks, see ourblog post.