Scopri tutto su Soundreef e sui servizi a tua disposizione

How come Soundreef can license businesses to play copyright music? I thought only national collecting societies could do that.

In 2008, the European Commission confirmed that cross-border competition for royalty collection and music licensing in the European Union is both possible and desirable. This means that every music user can buy a license to play music from the national or international company of its choice, and that each artist, publisher or label can be represented by the collecting society that suits it best.

Soundreef is a UK company that operates internationally, selling cross-border music licenses. Soundreef has been operating since October 2011, and already supplies music to thousands of businesses throughout the world. More than 145 million shoppers hear our playlists every month. We have grown so quickly because we provide the best quality music, the most cost-effective way of delivering it and great customer service. But don't take our word for it – try us out!