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What type of music does Soundreef offer?

We can license over 150,000 top quality songs for in-store broadcasting, and these come from sources ranging from well-known labels and publishers to independent artists. We can offer such a high quality catalogue because we pay right holders fairly and transparently, and never use machines to choose our music: human music supervisors listen to every track, making sure that it meets our strict quality standards. We never deal with low quality, royalty free music.

We check every song carefully to make sure you can use it without having to pay your local collecting society. Our unique system automatically notifies any relevant right holders and collecting societies each time a song is uploaded to our server. More importantly, our right holders always know where their music is being played and how much they are earning – so our transactions are completely transparent to both licensors and licensees.

This means you won't have to spend valuable time checking that the music you are paying for is usable.