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How does Soundreef certify your copyright with the blockchain technology?

Soundreef's blockchain technology copyright certification is an innovative and totally free service, provided by Soundreef as to fully guarantee its rights holders' music protection.

You can directly start the process by logging into your Soundreef profile: you'll just need to select the "Actions-->Certificate" tool corresponding to your tracks and the notarisation process into the bitcoin blockchain will begin. Once completed, within a few hours, you'll receive your music registration certificate via email and you'll be able to download it at any time from your account.

The document certifies the ownership of your works and provides the following information:

  • the title of your track;
  • the names of the rights holders;
  • the certification date;
  • the hash footprint of your audio file;
  • the bitcoin block, as a proof of existence of your work, with the precise moment in which it was timestamped.

The service is available only for the songs in which 100% Performance and Mechanical rights have been declared, it is not available for partial rights music registrations.

It is available for free to all Soundreef rights holders.