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Your music on Radio and Tv. Soundreef tracks it in real time

In order for you to be aware of the details related to your tracks’ plays on radio and on tv, Soundreef provides you with an audio-monitoring technology that is able to know exactly where and when your music is broadcasted. This particular kind of technology is very similar to that of Shazam, the latter based on a waveform analysis of those tracks included in its database.

Each Radio and Tv play of those tracks related to Soundreef songwriters and publishers is immediately available in the “Statistics” section of Soundreef users’ accounts. For each play, Soundreef detection system reports: channel, program, day and exact time during which the play in question has been detected.

This system is effective in more than 20.000 radio and tv channels worldwide. In case you’re aware a radio channel has not been monitored, you can let us know and we’ll integrate it in our service.

Besides guaranteeing an automated and proactive control of the music plays, pursuant to the Law, radio and tv broadcasters must also forward the report of all those tracks played during the different radio and tv programs. Those reports are then cross-checked with our automated audio-monitoring data, with the aim of reaching the highest reliability in relation to those plays actually being broadcasted.

In case no radio/tv usages are detected for a track over a 12 month period, and if the corresponding rights holder has not generated any earnings, the audio monitoring system will be deactivated for that specific track. This doesn't imply that your music rights won't be collected for that track, as any future radio/tv usages will be included in the broadcasters' reports and the related royalties will be correctly paid.