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How do I register my tracks in Soundreef?

From your account, in 4 steps.

1) Select the number of tracks you are registering, as well as the title, artist/band name and genre of each track. If you want, you can already enter the ISRC code or you can do it at the end of the registration;

2) Fill in the form with the full chain of ownership. For each track, specify roles, names, shares of the author/publisher, DEM and DRM, email and rights management company for all the rights holders, both Soundreef and other collecting societies;

3) Preview the documents and generate your List of Works (i.e. the summary of the tracks you’re submitting); we’ll send it to you and to all the Soundreef right holders that you’ve mentioned, for the digital signature - the registration won’t be be active until all of you’ve signed them.

4) Upload the .mp3 file and the ISRC code (if did this in step 1 you don't need to repeat it).