Scopri tutto su Soundreef e sui servizi a tua disposizione

What is Soundreef Media Service and what does it do?

Soundreef Media Service deals with the soundscape of commercial environments.

The catalogue is built by the Music Supervisors, who verify that the submitted tracks meet the specific requirements for this use. For this reason, the music we offer - which covers 43 themed web radio stations - is always updated and in line with the expectations of our customers.

Under the pro license profile, with Soundreef Media Service there is not only a saving of up to 40%, but also it also includes a dedicated Customer Services team and access to a specialized legal team, supporting our partners in case conflict arises.

Soundreef Media service operates around the world through a model that enables our music to be used unchanged, for businesses using Radio In-Store as well as businesses who choose one of our stations.