Scopri tutto su Soundreef e sui servizi a tua disposizione

Why choose Soundreef to manage my copyrights?

For two reasons: the first is that even the European Union has decided that you can choose the Collective Management Organisation that you think can best manage them for your career and expectations - you can read the 2014/26/EU Barnier Directive here.

The second is that we are an Independent Management Entity aimed to maximize profits of authors and publishers; our management model is structured to achieve this through technology.

What does Soundreef offer you in detail?

  • Subscription and registration of tracks are free forever - we only earn if you do, keeping only the percentage shown on the membership agreement
  • We monitor your music in a 100% analytical way - it means that we pay for every single play of every track, everywhere and always
  • We monitor 26,000 broadcasters all over the world - 1,600 in Italy - 24 hours a day, every day
  • You can choose which classes of rights to give us a mandate for, without further obligations
  • You can also register works for which you don’t hold 100% of the rights
  • On your account you will find radio/TV statistics, always being updated in real time
  • For YouTube plays and the resulting earnings, you will have a monthly report (not to brag, but do you know we are the only ones doing this?)
  • You can certify the ownership of your works with Blockchain
  • If you sign up for In-Store, you can count on a network of over 60,000 shops in 27 countries